Good afternoon you lovely humans! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote on here for a variety of reasons, but as I’m not very well today and struggling to actual ‘relax’ and ‘rest’ because my body feels like it’s 100 degrees, i thought I’d take the opportunity to write again.

I have so many topics to write about this week, however, as I looked back on my ‘on this day’ on Facebook yesterday, I realised it has been 1 whole year since I publicly shared my own mental health status and my story.

Since then, I have had 2 relapses, 3 jobs, lived in 3 houses and shared my story with 2463 people! Among them, the blog has been viewed a total of 6154 times. Isn’t that crazy?

I thought because all I can really do today is reflect today as I can’t seem to move very far without coughing my guts up, I thought I’d share a few thoughts with you that I have concluded through going on this journey with you guys…

A reflection on a year of Stop The World:

1) Writing is good for the mind and the soul. It helps you stop the world for a little while.

2) Suicide is very scary thought but sometimes the thought alone is enough to realise how much more you have to live for.

3) ‘A big reveal’ isn’t actually that big when you realise people are going through it with you.

4) Kids are the best people to talk to about refugees + immigration policy.

5) LUSU is still one of the most supportive workplaces ever.

6) Revealing your inner thoughts is kind of liberating.

7) International exchange showcases are both hilarious and uplifting.

8) Teachers will always be the superheroes of society in my eyes.

9) Music is always there when you feel rubbish.

10) My Grandma will always be the woman who inspired me.

11) You should feel proud of yourself everyday.

12) It’s okay to just be okay and forgive yourself for the little things.

13) Money is still the biggest pain in my arse.

14) The Blurt Foundation is awesome.

15) Everybody hurt sometimes.

16) I miss my old Year 10 class. They’re all grown up now and looking to become some amazing women. They’re much better than me when I was 15.

17) Writing heals the soul.

18) I miss the North.

19) My best friend was better off without her side salad of a boyfriend in the end.

20) Trash telly is the best thing to watch when you feel like you’re losing your mind.

21) Being short still sucks.

22) I still need to be making more of my time.

23) Leaving home is scary but worth it.

24) The Olympics are great.

25) S.I.W – that is all.

26) Dance in the puddles will always be one my favourite posts.

27) I still miss the North.

28) Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! I’ve done it – I plan to continue you doing it and so should you.

29) Feminist ISN’T a dirty word.

30) I need to make another summer playlist.

31) Teach First. I’m still not sure what I think about it tbh.

32) Commuting in London sucks.

33) Our education system sucks and more needs to be done to support our teachers, students and parents.

34) Getting mad in writing is therapeutic.

35) I took some time out to go to Paris…

36) … and it was awesome.

37) Southern rail sucks ass.

38) London life is scary.

39) Sometimes I run out of things to write about so I need your blogspiration.

40) Becoming a ‘happy officer‘ was a big moment for me.

41) Rebecca Ryan gave me some great blogspiration and it was so much fun moaning about the weather.

42) My boyfriend is great.

43) Oh so ‘british’ was so much fun to write.

44) Hope is priceless.

45) Homesickness isn’t cured by going home, but it helps.

46) I love how much I’m starting to see women empowering women. Feminism FTW!

47) Groping = Sexual Assault. It’s never okay and you shouldn’t attempt it unless you want a hard kick to the crotch.

48) The LGBTQ+ community are so brave and inspirational. Be who you want to be and be PROUD of it.

49) Long distance relationships are hard but it does work out in the end with a lot of love and patience.

50) Ladies of Liverpool are so fabulous.

51) Insomnia sucks.

52) Social media is not a completely honest platform but it should be.

53) I am a drunken mess. 

54) Fight those negative feelings.

55) People are great at offering help when you ask. Shout out to Mica & Emily.

56) I love a crap town. I now live in ‘Deadhill’ otherwise known as ‘Redhill’ and I love it .

57) You’re not 19 forever. Boo.

58) If I were a fictional character, I would be a loveable fail.

59) My birthday is on the 27th of September. Don’t forget.

60) I’m still not motivated to exercise.

61) Adulting is hard.

62) Dublin is the best place ever.

63) Life is still too important to be taken seriously.

64) Sometime a little time off didn’t hurt anyone – evidently.

65) Trains are fab people watching spots.

66) Mental health issues are starting to get the status it deserves amongst society and health care.

67) You’ve gotta practice what you preach girl!

68) Driving tests are still the worst first world problem I’ve ever experienced.

69) Nutella is still the best thing ever.

70) Drunken double cheese burgers come in at a close second.

71) My best friend is awesome and the most uplifting woman you’ll ever meet.

72) Don’t believe the myths about anti-depressants. 

73) I am still my own worst enemy but I’m working on it.

74) I love my job now and my colleagues too!

75) Grief is SO hard.

76) I’ve forgiven myself a lot for things I’ve done in the past and I also think you shouldn’t judge a person by a cliche phrase.

77) FOMO is so real in today’s society.

78) A bird pooping on my window screen is a great analogy for depression.

79) ROMO is a way to tackle FOMO.

80) I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for not ‘doing things‘ all the time. Just be.

81) Eurovision is epic.

82) Mental illness isn’t all doom and gloom.

… so that’s it, 83 posts and 83 lessons learnt. Now for the final one:

83) When you open up about your mental health, you’ll find it is pretty scary. You’ll find out a few views and opinions that aren’t supportive but you’re more likely to find ones that are. You are never alone and there are so many people out there that care about you and want you to be okay. I will never suffer alone again because of opening up to you guys and I am extremely thankful for that.

All my love,

L x