So I remember posting my first ‘return post’ to my blog with the ‘Nutella phase‘. A post all about knowing what the right thing to do is, but falling back into the familiar and knowingly bad comforts because it ‘feels/ tastes right’ or just made me happy in the short term. It cannot be sustained and you have to face reality eventually – even if it’s scary.

That in itself was just an over explanation of me just eating shit loads of Nutella and feeling a bit bad about it because my double chin can be multiplied into the double digits. I am pleased to say my weekly Nutella intake has reduced significantly, though cannot be removed from my diet completely (it’s too damn tasty).

However, tonight FINALLY after a long delay I’ve at last had some inspiration for the blog.
I know many people rely on this as their distraction from work but I didn’t find something worthy of distracting you from the things you should actually be doing until now… The McDonalds double cheese burger.

Hell Yes! It’s worth a distraction. Tonight has been one of those nights where I have just been smiling ear to ear. Me and a few friends decided to go to something called ‘Gospeloke’ – a kareoke night backed with a huge gospel choir. Sounds terrifying right? It was, but my 6 very good friends got up and went for it!


I shouted it down the mic, yes.. I also shook my bum a little and walked off the stage after being showered by an actual confetti cannon,  and going through a victory tunell feeling like a certified boss.

If you ever need a MH boost, go onstage with 6 of your closest friends and sing like you are Madonna pre Brits 2016. Just work it – vogue style! I came off with the BIGGEST SMILE on my face.

Then what could possibly come next? It’s a Thursday – most of the group have work tomorrow? Answer: Drunk food. Seriously – some people will hate themselves but the other 75% will just appreciate the delicate balances between the taste of plastic cheese and the sour taste of gurkins on a double cheese burger.

I think the reason I felt like I could write again tonight is because I found the combination of something completely new (Gospoleoke) and the very familiar and delicious double cheese burger which has just made me have a huge smile on my face because there’s so much to love tonight.

I mean how can you complain about anything at this point when you can taste two burgers in your mouth ? Seriously. Life is good.

Love Always, L xxxx

Positive of the day:
I have the day off tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about my head in the morning!